Solar Roofing Systems

‘ Energi-Roof ’ ™

– Metal roof systems

Early solar panels, based on glass crystalline technology are typically fixed after the roof system has been installed, using a structural framework. This is often slow, costly, uses fixings which penetrate the outer skin of the roof and adds unwanted weight to the roof.

Energi-Roof from Bradclad offers a system where the solar modules are actually integrated into the roof covering.

Flexible thin film solar cells are factory laminated onto aluminium standing seam panels to create an ultra-lightweight solar roof.  No additional framework or brackets are required. The solar panels are not fitted to the roof – they are part of the roof.

Using the latest generation of solar modules from leading worldwide manufacturers, Energi-Roof incorporates cutting edge technology and some of the most efficient solar cells in the world.

The Energi-Roof option is available with our Proseam and ProZip standing seam metal roofs.

Energi-Roof ™ – Flat roof systems

The Energi-Roof concept of integrating solar modules into roofing systems has now been extended to cover flat roofs.

Protan Solarbond is a unique, lightweight solar module system, suitable for installation on flat or pitched roofs on both new build and refurbishment projects.

The product is the result of a collaboration between Solarbond and one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of single ply roof membranes, Protan AB.

Individual thin film solar modules are factory laminated onto strips of Protan PVC membrane using Solarbond’s specially developed bonding technology. These composite panels, or patches, can then be hot air welded onto a single ply roof covering. No framework, screws, bolts or ballast are required.

The result is a solar array which is lightweight, efficient and cost effective and does not compromise the integrity of the main roof covering.

The standard Solarbond module is 1840 x 1040mm, with a weight of 5.7 kilos. It is bonded to a patch of Protan SE 1.5 non-embossed membrane, with a margin of typically 60-70mm around the module to allow for site welding. The bonded module as laid is around 2000 x 1160, weighing just under ten kilos.

Each module has its own junction box, with MC4 connectors supplied as standard. Modules are then connected in series across the roof, often without the need for additional cable trays or containment.

The standard module has an output of 385 watts, with an impressive efficiency of almost 22%.


Retro-fit solar panels

 For clients who already have a roof installed, our lightweight solar modules are an ideal retro-fit option. 

Many industrial and commercial buildings have roof structures which were not designed to accommodate the heavy loading imposed by black glass solar modules. At less than 3kg per square metre, the Solarbond modules can readily be fitted to most existing structures without any structural modifications required.

Using Solarbond’s unique adhesion system, individual solar modules can be attached – or bonded – onto the ribs of profiled metal sheet roofs.        No support framework or through fix fasteners are required – it’s all about the glue !

Solarbond cartridge adhesive is applied to the ribs of the roof sheet. Solar modules are laid in place and light pressure applied to ensure a good bond between the metal sheet and the solar module backing.

With the adhesive’s curing time of around 15 minutes, the solar array is soon ready to be connected up and able to withstand the highest wind loads.