Solar Roofing Systems

‘ Energi-Roof ’ ™

– Metal roof systems

Early solar panels, based on glass crystalline technology are typically fixed after the roof system has been installed, using a structural framework. This is often slow, costly, uses fixings which penetrate the outer skin of the roof and adds unwanted weight to the roof.

Energi-Roof from Bradclad offers a system where the solar modules are actually integrated into the roof covering.

Flexible thin film solar cells are factory laminated onto aluminium standing seam panels to create an ultra-lightweight solar roof.  No additional framework or brackets are required. The solar panels are not fitted to the roof – they are part of the roof.

Using the latest generation of solar modules from leading worldwide manufacturers, Energi-Roof incorporates cutting edge technology and some of the most efficient solar cells in the world.

The Energi-Roof option is available with our Proseam and ProZip standing seam metal roofs.

Energi-Roof ™ – Flat roof systems

Bradclad has extended the Energi-Roof concept to flat roofing, by bonding Verditek solar modules onto single ply membranes.

The process uses Bradclad’s unique Solarbond technology and results in solar modules which have been factory bonded to sheets of single ply membrane. These sections of membrane, typically around 2m x 1m, can then be incorporated into the flat roof system on site, with either mechanical fix or fully bonded, as required.

This exciting addition to our portfolio allows the building designer the possibility to incorporate a lightweight and highly efficient solar system onto a flat roof, in place of crystalline glass solar panels on metal framing and the weight and fixing issues they present.


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Retro-fit solar panels

For clients who already have a roof installed, a further option may be available to utilise the benefits of lightweight solar technology.

Bradclad are distributors of Verditek solar modules which, at less than three kilos per square metre, can often be attached to existing profiled metal roofs, without the weight concerns which may prevent the installation of much heavier glass solar panels. MC4 connectors are fitted to each solar module.  They can be fixed to the top side or, more normally for retro-fit applications, to the underside of the module.

The solar modules can be fixed to sheet ribs using over-the-counter adhesives or tapes. Of course, the level of adhesion will depend on the age of the roof and the type of paint system used to coat it – installers of the solar panels must assure themselves that the method of adhesion is suitable.