Press Release – June 2022

Written By BradClad

June 24, 2022

Bradclad Group, the Yorkshire-based roof system manufacturer and distributor of Verditek solar panels, has launched a new solar roof product through a joint venture with Protan AB.

Having incorporated the Verditek thin film solar modules into their metal roof panels to create their Energi-Roof system, the company have now developed a solution for the flat roof market by laminating the solar panel onto a single ply roof membrane.

The joint venture with Protan, the Norwegian-based manufacturer of PVC single ply roof membranes, has led to the launch of ‘Protan Solarbond.’

Bradclad Group’s director Keith Bradley explains. ‘We knew the potential for integrating Verditek’s flexible solar modules onto PVC flat roof membranes was huge but we first had to overcome the challenge of bonding together very different materials. Following dialogue with specialist adhesives companies and months of laboratory trials, we eventually found the right solution.”

Individual solar modules up to 2000 x 1000 are factory laminated onto sheets of Protan membrane which will in turn be fused onto the single ply roof covering. The system is suitable for both new and refurbished flat roofs.

Protan Solarbond will be marketed across Europe and beyond by the sales teams from Protan and Bradclad and installed on sites through a network of approved roof contractors and solar installers

June 2022

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